Dads, What Is Your Legacy?

I will never forget the moment I held my oldest son for the first time. I saw this amazing little baby and I realized I was a DAD. Holding my newborn son, I felt an enormous pressure to be the kind of dad that I dreamed of being. I wanted to be the perfect dad.

Father and son on a pier relaxing together

Every new dad has an idea of the type of father he is going to be. It takes around ½ way through the first night at home with the new baby for those preconceived thoughts to come crashing down to reality. Over the next days, weeks, months and years, we make the decisions that determine the kind of dad that we actually are.

It is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day moments and not take the time to consider the domino effects of our actions. As dads, we cannot afford to fall into that trap. We have to keep in mind that what we do now shapes the lives of our children’s tomorrow. So I ask you, “Dads, what is Your Legacy?” How will your children one day remember you as their dad?

Both good and bad, I am leaving a legacy for my children. The kind of father that I am today will be the kind of father that my son’s will one day become. There is a good chance that they will share in my character traits, both good and bad.

I want to be the type of dad that my sons want to be and the type of dad my daughter will expect her future husband to be. I want to be the type of dad that is there for them in the good and the bad. As they follow in my footsteps, I want the path to lead them to Christ, and the destiny He has for them. I want to be a Godly dad that reflects my Heavenly Father.

He is the example that we all have of what a perfect Father should be. His love is unconditional and ever present. He wants the very best for His children, and loves to see them blessed. He heals their wounds, comforts their moments of despair and carries them through tragedies. He sacrifices whatever it takes to make sure His children are taken care of.

That is the type of dad that I want to be. I want my actions to reflect those of my God, and to gently lead my family down the path He has called us to. Along the way, I get to enjoy my amazing children and cherish being their dad.  A great example of this is our house’s bedtime.

We have started a new tradition in our house where every night I go tuck in each kid individually, and pray with each one of them over whatever they want to pray about. This can take a few minutes, or longer, depending on the kid. I cherish these times with them. These are some of the most precious and honest moments I have with my children. I also I have the opportunity to teach them and show them by example how to pray and talk to God.

There are times when I would rather watch a show on tv, or have conversations with Heather, but I have made the decision to leave a legacy in my children that I would be proud of. I don’t want to have the regret of saying, “I should have…” Basically, I want to parent with the philosophy of no regrets. I want to make each moment count, follow my Father’s example and leave a legacy for my children.



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