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What Happens When Others Get A Say Instead Of God?

Have you ever made a mistake so huge you feel as if your heart could break? This is my journey of being young, naive, and letting people who opinions shouldn’t matter have a bit too much say in your life.

Have you stopped and asked God what His plan is for your family? -

If it is true that age is a matter of perspective, then at that time I was the most young immature girl in the world. My husband and I had just welcomed our twins into our family in January. With them being baby 3 and 4 in our family, the comments immediately began. Are you all finished? This is it right….you are going to get this taken care of? So, when is the surgery to have this “fixed”. At the time I let all of these people’s opinions shape the direction of my family.

The boys were born in January and in November my husband lost his job. We had 30 days before our medical insurance would be canceled. Not knowing what all we would be faced with, we quickly made every check up and dental appointment for the 6 of us that could be squeezed in. In the midst of all those appointments, was the one that we would both regret the moment we left the office. We went and got things “fixed”.  I remember leaving that office and thinking we just made the biggest mistake of our marriage yet.

Why is it that we allow people who shouldn’t matter to influence the decisions of our families. What I have learned from this entire experience is that no one’s opinion matters except God’s. In the midst of all the opinions, did I ever stop and ask HIM what his opinion was for my family? No, I let people who I see once or twice a year impact something that was none of their business. Why do people think they have a right to comment on the size of my family? They don’t!

If you are young and on the fence about a major family decision, I encourage you to seek the Father about what to do. Block out the millions of opinions of people who shouldn’t have a say. Get alone with your spouse and pray about the direction you are supposed to take. I pray none of you have to endure the regret and frustration that I have had on my journey.

However, I know my God is faithful and FULL of grace. Even when we mess up with something that seems can’t be undone, He is there in the midst. My story isn’t over, and I can’t wait to share the next part of our journey!


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Lapbooking with Mystery of History

Lapbooking with Mystery of History today at Bright Ideas Press. One of the great things about The Mystery of History is that there are so many supplements to aid in your journey.  In the super supplemental download for Volume 1, which is what we have, there is a something for everyone. My twins’ favorite is the coloring pages. My older children really enjoy the notebooking pages. The one that we all love and do together is the lapbook.

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Travel With Integrity at The Homeschool Village

It’s that time of year when everyone starts traveling. Spring break, convention season, and summer break are all right around the corner. Join me today at The Homeschool Village for Travel with Integrity.

Travel with integrity -

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