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Places to Buy/Sell/Trade Used Curriculum

If you have been homeschooling for anytime at all you probably have some curriculum around that isn’t being used anymore. For me, it is usually perfectly good curriculum, but just didn’t work for my children’s style of learning. Instead of just letting it collect dust on the shelf in your house, why not pass it on to another family. You can either bless someone with it, or sell it to recoop some of your money back to buy something that will work for you.

I wanted to share a list of great places to buy and sell used curriculum.

There are several Facebook groups that you can join:

Teaching Textbooks Buy/Sell/Trade.

The Homeschool Swap

Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace

The Homeschooler Market

Homeschool Curriculum For Sale

Here are my favorite places that are not on Facebook:

There is a for sale board on The Well Trained Mind forum.

If you are wanting to just bless someone with your products check out Curriculum Share.


*If you know of some other places that I could add to this list, please let me know so I can add them.*

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Journeys of Faithfulness~ Week 8

Queen Esther, oh how I love her. If anything this chapter shows just how amazing of a person she really was. She was poised, and graceful. When faced with something she knew could cost her life, she didn’t run from it. No, instead she faced the situation, but first she called for fasting and prayer.

If only we would all stop with that wonderful piece of advice given right there in scripture. Before taking on something of importance she stopped to fast and pray. Esther knew the importance of prayer and fasting. She knew that it could help to soften hearts, and open doors that would otherwise be shut.

God had brought her to this time and place for this purpose, and she trusted Him to see her through this situation.

(kindle location 2525)

Each one of us has been put in our position for such a time as this. What is it that God is calling you to do? Are you running from it, or are you facing it head on? Are you bathing it in prayer before you step out?

When we are grounded in God with a solid foundation, then nothing that stands up before us is going to be able to knock us down. When  we know God on a personal level being ever so close to Him, then we will be able to face even possible death without wavering.

…And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this? Esther 4:14

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Coffee Mug Swap

This mug swap has been so much fun! I ended up with several swap partners from filling in along the way. Which is more than fine with me since I LOVE them, and believe I can never have enough mugs around here. Plus it gave me an extra chance to be a blessing to someone, which is always an added bonus!

One of my swap partners is Heather from Upside Down Homeschooling.  Her blog is such a blessing to me. We both started our blogs in the exact same week. So, not only does this woman inspire me, but she keeps me on my toes.  If you aren’t following along with her you need to be. She will bless you!

Heather sent me this absolutely darling mug. I just love it!

Isn’t it so cute?!

Don’t forget to link up your mugs to show off what you got from your partner :)

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