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Growing With Grammar Giveaway

We are using Growing with Grammar products for the first time this year. Let me tell you, we are all loving it. I don’t have to fight my oldest to do his grammar and writing anymore! We all know when we find the “right” curriculum it is such a blessing. I love to be able to share when products are really working for us! One of the greatest things about this curriculum is the simplicity of it for me. I don’t have to spend a ton of time on preparing lessons.

My friends at JacKris Publishing have offered my readers a chance to win 3 of their amazing curriculum choices. They are giving 1 Growing with Grammar, 1 Winning with Writing and 1 Soaring with Spelling to my readers. The winner will get to choose the grade level that they need for their family. Isn’t that awesome?! *There will be 3 winners, one for each subject* So enter all 3 :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you haven’t had a chance to try this amazing curriculum this is a great opportunity to jump on the Growing with Grammar band wagon.

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Journeys of Faithfulness~ Week 3

The theme of this weeks reading goes hand in hand with what God has been dealing with me about. Stopping and taking time to be in His word. To stop and sit as His feet. We live in a distracted world. Everywhere we look media and electronic devices abound. We can’t even get a moment of quiet when we are driving down the road. Our cell phones are constantly ringing, singing and chiming.

I love to spend my time in the car praying and talking to God. Now, with 4 kids that isn’t always possible, but those moments are a treasure to me. Any quiet moment that I can steal away with my Father is such a gift. It is great to get those moments when they happen, but most of the time that is not enough. We need to be purposeful and give Him priority in our days.

The laundry may get a little high, the dishes may have to wait. It is OK! I am not saying live in a pig pen, but time with our Father and with our families have to become a priority. It is time to put the electronic devices in their docking stations for a while. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of my electronic leash going off all of the time!

I have to be honest, I am signed up with a couple early morning groups for accountability, at first I was doing great. Then school started to get in the way, and late nights have made me not want to wake up early. It seems like as soon as I make a commitment to do something like that every thing that could work against me does. I know it is just distractions that want to keep me from getting in the Word. The good news is that I have realized it, and am not going to let it hold me back anymore.

Take time this week to making God top priority in your schedule. It will make all the difference in the world!

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Coffee Mug Swap + Avodah Coffee Giveaway

Y’all know I love coffee! I love super cute coffee mugs just about as much as the wonderful bean juice you put in them! So, how fun would it be to swap mugs with other bloggers? That is exactly what we are going to do. :)

Who wants to get a super cute coffee mug in the mail? I DO! 

The Details:

If you are interested in being a part of the swap please send an email to

Please include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Blog URL

I will then pair everyone up (by randomly picking names from a hat), and email you all the information needed for your swap partner.

After you have been given your swap partners information, you will have 2 weeks to get a super cute mug in the mail to them. Be sure to visit their blog to do your research so that they get a mug they will love!

After the 2 weeks I will post a link up where everyone can show off their new favorite mug!

The deadline to send me your information is Monday, October 15, 2012! 

The Sponsor:

Two of my favorite things!

Avodah Coffee is one of my all time favorite brands of coffee. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I post often about it. :) Great news!  Avodah Coffee is sponsoring our swap and offering one of the participants with a free bag of Morning Brew coffee! (my favorite blend!)

Here is the description from their site about Morning Brew:

Light and bright, Start the Presses is the best way to get up ‘n at ‘em, and get those bright eyes & bushy tail moving!  Hints of fruit, milk chocolate, bright, and clean.  And besides, we think brewing coffee smells so much nicer than a rooster…  Roast Level: City (Medium)

Sounds fantastic right? Well it is!

*You must be a participant in the mug swap to be eligiable to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grab The Button:

Make sure to grab the button located on our sidebar, and add it to your swap post. I can’t wait to see everyone’s awesome mugs!

The “Rules”:

-Make sure to follow your swap partner, Cook Family Chronicles and of course our awesome sponsor Avodah Coffee.

-Don’t like coffee, but like tea or cocoa instead? Join in on the fun! All mug fanatics welcome :)

-Be creative and HAVE FUN!!

*please send all mugs with delivery confirmation. If you happen to send one, but do not receive one in return, I will personally make sure that you receive a mug! I don’t want anyone being left out*

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