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Have You Ever Been Given A Sign?

If you have been following me from the beginning, you know that I NEVER intended to have a blog. I didn’t want or need anything else to do. In fact, I was scaling back this year so that I could spend more time at our new to us home. Apparently God had another plan.

I started feeling like I was supposed to start a blog to help encourage other moms and families. My husband is always very supportive, and if God says it, then he helps prod me in the right direction if I am not following what God asks quickly enough. I love him for that!

So my bloggy adventure began. I am not a half way kind of girl. When I jump in, I jump in with both feet and submerge myself in it till I know as much as humanly possible. I started attending Twitter parties, Facebook parties, and reading every single blog I could find. Within my first month of blogging, I won a ticket to a blogging conference. I was so excited!

We grabbed one of our favorite traveling companions….coffee!

So last weekend, I loaded up my family and headed to my very first conference. I am not good at these types of things. I am better stuck behind my laptop talking to people through chats and Twitter than I am face to face. So needless to say, I was a nervous wreck. I was in full sponge mode, soaking up as much as I could. I learned a lot. However, I started to get overwhelmed. Here I was in a room with bloggers who were so much bigger than mine, and I started comparing and sizing myself up to everyone else. Suddenly I was feeling like a very small fish in a very big ocean.

So I decided to pray, right there in my seat. I told God I could really use a sign of some sort. It didn’t need to be a flaming bush, but anything would be great. Please Lord just let me know this is what I am supposed to be doing. Let me know that I am not wasting my family’s time and resources. You know what happened? God gave me a sign! At the end of the conference, they were drawing names for doorprizes. My name was called!  There were lots of different things they were giving away, but mine was exactly what I needed.

From Red Letter Words. Isn’t it perfect?!

As I brought my precious gift back to my seat, I knew with all my heart this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing! Isn’t it just like God to come to my level, to help me, and guide me when I need a little shove?

I realize that His speaking to me should be enough, and it is! Sometimes though, it is a HUGE blessing to have that extra assurance.


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Rangers Fans All The Way!

My family recently took a mini vacation to the DFW area. I have so many memories in this area, after all, it is where I met my wonderful hubby!

My boys

I was blessed with a ticket to a blogging conference. (Details about my time there coming soon.) Since all of my husbands family is in TX, we decided to make a mini vacation out of our time there. We had a fantastic time.

My Crew

My husband has been a die hard Rangers fan for as long as I can remember. He was a season ticket holder for years. After our first son was born though priorities in the budget made season tickets no longer an option. However he tries very hard to at least make 1 game every season.

The day before we left my mother in law called and was able to score all of us tickets to go to the game on Sunday. Of course we were all thrilled. Especially since this would be the first time my kids have ever got to experience a Major League game. We had so much fun!

The Girls

I really didn’t know if the twins would be able to last through the entire game, but they did awesome. There was even an hour and half rain delay, but we just chilled in our covered seats till it passed.

Nolan Ryan is my hubs favorite player of all time. So we always stop for a picture when it comes to all things Nolan.

This was just the first of many fun memories during this trip. I will be sharing more in the days to come.

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Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week…

My week has been a blur….Right now I am at Mama’s Write blogging conference. My first ever conference, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to attend. I am praying it is the first of several conferences I will be going to over the next year.  So, with leaving to go out of town my week was filled with packing, cleaning, and getting all of my blog business taken care of before I set out.

In our homeschool this week…

We had another super awesome week. Honestly, things have been going so well it started to feel a little strange. I have been so used to whining when it was time to start school, and attitudes because they hated portions of our previous curriculum. I almost don’t know how to handle it. (notice I said almost!) I am loving it as much as they are!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Do not be afraid to deviate from your plan. If things are really clicking with a certain subject that day, go with it. If they aren’t clicking that day, take a break, and try again tomorrow. That is the beauty of homeschool!

What’s working/not working for us…

Early mornings and early nights are working wonders for us. Pray for us the next few days, traveling really messes up schedules, and we just got into the swing of things.

What I’m Cooking…

Since I have been on my diet, we eat a lot of chicken, fish, or lean beef with vegis or a salad. I also make some sort wild rice or quinoa for the kids. We have been doing a lot of crock pot meals. (lemon chicken and BBQ chicken)

I’m grateful for…

I am so very grateful for the ability to attend my first conference. I am grateful that it happens to be in the same area as all of my husband’s family. This way we have turned it into a family trip where the kids get to see their grandparents while I get to soak up the knowledge of a bunch of bloggy moms.

I’m praying for…

I have really been spending time in prayer this week about all the conferences. Which ones I am supposed to attend and which ones I am supposed to sit out on. There are SO many to choose from, and of course I would LOVE to go to all of them. However, that is just not possible. So I want to be exactly where the Lord wants me to be.

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